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Welcome to the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair DNA and 840 Eartag Identification!
    • All exhibitors are considered "NEW" exhibitors each year.
Wisconsin State Fair and various county Fairs throughout Wisconsin have been utilizing 840 eartag and DNA technology to identify potential Fair animals in the Beef, Sheep, and Swine project for the last 15 years. The requirements of these Identification technologies have proven to be instrumental in safeguarding the reputation and integrity of our States Youth livestock programs. For the past few years the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) has handled the entire Wisconsin State Fair 840 eartag and DNA Identification program. With WLIC’s switch to utilize DNA tissue sampling and the higher costs associated with it, Wisconsin State Fair will provide an additional option for 840 eartag and DNA hair identification.
840 Eartag and DNA Identification Submission Due Date: Beginning in 2019, all Wisconsin State Fair DNA identification requirements for Junior Show Beef, Sheep, and Swine (market and non-registered breeding stock) must be submitted postmarked May 17th or before to:
DNA Hair Samples: return to Wisconsin State Fair, Agriculture Department, 640 S 84th St, West Allis WI 53214
Tissue (TSU) Samples: return to Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium, 135 Enterprise Dr, Suite ID, Verona WI 53593
840 Eartag Identification: Wisconsin State Fair requires an official 840 eartag for identification. The 840 eartag Identification does not have to have RFID technology and may come from any source. The last 4 digits of the 15-digit number sequence will be the numbers to record for individual animal identification. 840 eartags do NOT need to be purchased through Wisconsin State Fair; however, Wisconsin State Fair will offer individual 840 eartags for sale.
DNA Hair Identification: Wisconsin State Fair’s preferred method of DNA submission is hair samples. DNA hair kits will be offered for sale by Wisconsin State Fair online with payment by credit card.
DNA hair kit and 840 tag: $11
DNA hair kit (envelope only): $6
840 eartag (only - no envelope): $5
Online sales will cease on Sunday, May 12th at 5 pm (Central Time) and only walk up orders (paid with a credit card) will be accepted from May 13th – 17th. Our office hours for walk up orders are Monday – Friday: 8 am to 4:30 pm in the Administrative Offices located in the basement of the Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center (640 S 84th St, West Allis WI 53214).
ALL DNA HAIR samples must be returned to Wisconsin State Fair (Wisconsin State Fair, Agriculture Department, 640 S 84th St, West Allis WI 53214) postmarked May 17th or before. Please plan accordingly.
WLIC DNA Program: Wisconsin State Fair will accept WLIC County Fair identification programs (eartag and DNA) for meeting Wisconsin State Fair identification requirements. WLIC will provide Wisconsin State Fair identification information for those participating in their program who wish to be eligible for Wisconsin State Fair.
Purchasing and submission of 840 eartags and/or DNA kits is NOT your entry in the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Show. Exhibitors MUST enter the Junior Show online on wistatefair.com in the beginning of April in a separate database.
Please contact Wisconsin State Fair at entryoffice@wistatefair.com with any further DNA Identification questions.  
Wisconsin State Fair, Agriculture Department, 640 S 84th St, West Allis WI 53214
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